Murder and Violent Crime Cases

Murder and Violent Crime Cases

Protecting Your Rights in Murder and Violent Crime Cases

When facing murder or violent crime charges in North Carolina, it is of utmost importance to have skilled legal representation. The consequences of these charges can be severe, including lengthy prison sentences or even the death penalty. At Patrick Roberts Law PLLC, we handle a wide range of murder cases, from first-degree murder to felony murder and second-degree murder. With our knowledge and experience in North Carolina’s criminal justice system, we are dedicated to providing aggressive defense strategies to challenge the prosecution’s case and protect your rights.

Understanding Murder, Manslaughter, and Violent Crime Charges in North Carolina

North Carolina law distinguishes between various types of murder charges, each with its own nuances and legal requirements. First-degree murder involves intentional and premeditated acts of killing, whereas second-degree murder charges do not involve premeditation or deliberation. In cases of felony murder, a loss of life occurs during the commission of a felony. A murder defense attorney will carefully analyze the evidence and develop a strong defense strategy tailored to the specific circumstances of your case.

Attorney Patrick Roberts Exposes Weak Evidence and Secures Case Dismissal*  

In 2022, the client was charged with first-degree murder. Attorney Patrick Roberts carefully examined the evidence presented by the prosecution and identified weaknesses. He highlighted the inconsistencies in eyewitness accounts, forensic ballistics examinations, and police reports. Mr. Roberts successfully* advocated for the dismissal of the case due to insufficient evidence.

The Importance of a Defense Lawyer in Violent Crime Cases

In addition to murder charges, violent crime cases such as armed robbery, domestic violence, or manslaughter charges require skilled legal representation. At Patrick Roberts Law PLLC, we understand the gravity of these charges and the potential consequences they carry. We are committed to leaving no stone unturned to fight for the best possible results for your case.

Successful Defense* in North Carolina: Verdict: Not Guilty

Our client  faced an indictment for First Degree Murder as the alleged driver in a drive-by shooting, where the client was facing a sentence of life imprisonment without parole. During the trial, the State presented video evidence and multiple witnesses. However, Attorney Patrick Roberts successfully discredited the State’s witnesses by highlighting inconsistencies in their testimonies. As a result, the jury rendered a verdict of not guilty for our client.

While Attorney Roberts works hard to secure results for his clients, every case is unique and must be evaluated on its individual facts. Past results do not guarantee future success. Each client’s case requires a unique strategy based on the facts of that case.

Navigating Homicide Charges

Homicide charges can be associated with murder, but it is essential to note that they can also be justifiable or excusable. Justifiable homicides may occur when taking another person’s life is authorized and legally permissible, such as in self-defense or defense of others. Excusable homicides may occur accidentally or as a result of adequate provocation during lawful activities. A knowledgeable defense attorney can properly assess your case and develop an effective defense strategy.

Understanding Manslaughter Charges

In North Carolina, manslaughter charges can be categorized as involuntary, voluntary, or vehicular manslaughter. Voluntary manslaughter charges require evidence of intention to kill, while involuntary manslaughter charges revolve around proving reckless or negligent actions resulting in loss of life. Vehicular manslaughter charges specifically pertain to deaths caused by vehicle accidents, involving various factors such as drowsy driving, driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), reckless driving, or distracted driving.

How a Defense Lawyer Can Help

A defense lawyer can provide invaluable assistance in violent crime cases by thoroughly examining the evidence, crafting a strong defense strategy, and advocating for your rights. 

Finding Homicide Lawyers Near You

When facing serious charges like murder or violent crimes, it is crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney. Conducting thorough research and finding defense attorneys and violent crime lawyers near you can significantly impact the outcome of your case.

Punishments for Murder and Manslaughter in North Carolina

The penalties for murder and manslaughter charges in North Carolina depend on the specific circumstances of the crime, as well as any aggravating or mitigating factors involved, including your criminal history. Punishments range from life imprisonment without parole to death by lethal injection for first-degree murder and felony murder charges. Second-degree murder charges carry a minimum prison sentence of 94 months to life imprisonment. Voluntary manslaughter charges carry a minimum prison sentence of 38 months, while involuntary and vehicular manslaughter charges carry a minimum prison sentence of 10 months.

If you are facing murder or violent crime charges in North Carolina, it is crucial to seek immediate legal representation. At Patrick Roberts Law PLLC, we work towards the best possible outcome for your case. Contact us today for a confidential consultation to discuss your legal rights and options.


*DISCLAIMER:  Each case is different and must be evaluated separately.  Prior results achieved do not guarantee similar results can be achieved in future cases.


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