Statutory Rape of a Child*


Two Counts of Statutory Rape of Child, NCGS 14-27.25; Two Counts of Indecent Liberties with Child, NCGS 14-202.1; One Count of Statutory Sex Off with Child, NCGS 14-27.30; One Count of Contributing Delinquency of Juvenile, NCGS 14-316.1


Facing LIFE in prison for each Statutory Sex Offense; 59 months in prison for each count of indecent liberties with a minor; 120 days for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.


State vs. 'Confidential Client' - Attorney Patrick Roberts, a criminal defense lawyer for statutory offenses, defended a client who was accused of dating and engaging in a sexual relationship with a minor. The alleged victim and the client met on an 18+ dating application. After conversations with the client's roommates and the minor's father, Attorney Roberts was successful in negotiating a misdemeanor plea deal. The client pleaded guilty to a Class 1 misdemeanor for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Under this plea, the client, who was facing potential felony charges that could have resulted in a lifetime prison sentence, received a "time served" sentence and was released from jail post-plea without any probation. The client also avoided sex offender registration. As a result of Mr. Roberts' defense, the client was released from jail within 2 months of the initial charges.


"Time-served" sentence

The client was given a "time-served" sentence for a misdemeanor plea, effectively avoiding imprisonment, a felony conviction, probation, and the need to register as a sex offender.

What Clients Say About Attorney Patrick Roberts As AStatutory RapeLawyer:

No Charges!!!!!


September 20, 2017

“Our teenage son was recently accused of sexual assault in a dorm on a college campus. We believed in his innocence, did our research and hired Raleigh's top rated Super Lawyer [publication] A. Patrick Roberts and we were not disappointed. We knew from the consultation that we were in good hands. Mr. Roberts wasted no time obtaining the report and jumping into action. I will never forget the joy I felt in my heart when I received the call informing me that there would be no charges made against our son. His practice is very efficient and receptive in every way. He is the REAL DEAL!”

This lawyer is the real deal!


February 10, 2014

“Mr. Patrick is a true professional. I have never in my life been in a position where my character was questioned, and Mr. Patrick's did a great job of keeping it that way. He was not at all judgmental and all too assuring about the positive outcome of my case, which helped me sleep better at night considering the consequences I was facing.

I was a first time offender so I was terrified at the possible 4-6 years I was facing but thanks to Mr. Roberts' extensive experience in the field, and good relations within the system he was ultimately able to reduce that sentence to 4 years of probation among other minor conditions. I am sure that I could not have been represented in a better way... and strongly recommend anyone who has an issue with the law to choose Mr. Andy Patrick Roberts.”

Dedication at every turn!!!


February 7, 2016

“Had no idea where to turn, there were very serious allegations against me so I searched for an attorney online. Attorney Patrick Roberts was honest upfront from day one. His team works very hard and are excellent at what they do. They stayed in touch with me over the entire investigation process. The results investigation closed, no criminal charges filed! Trust me if you need law advice or representation hire Attorney Roberts. Thank you to Attorney Patrick Roberts!”

What Peers Say About Attorney Patrick Roberts As AStatutory RapeLawyer:

Peer Endorsement

April 13, 2013

“Patrick Roberts is a fierce advocate on behalf of his clients. He and lawyers at his firm are excellent criminal defense lawyers who work hard to aggressively defend their clients. Patrick Roberts also has an excellent command of many of the technical issues...  that are implicated in cases involving technology, forensic science and the like. I've watched him dissect hostile witnesses on the stand, and argue for excellent outcomes for his clients.”

Peer Endorsement

"I endorse this lawyer without reservation. Patrick is plain outstanding. The highest remark I can give a lawyer is that I would ask him to represent me were I charged with a crime..."

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