Statutory Rape of a Child*


Two counts of Statutory Rape of a Child, 14-27.25;


Facing LIFE in prison and lifetime sex offender registration


State vs. 'Confidential Client' - Attorney Patrick Roberts, a seasoned statutory rape defense lawyer, defended an adult client accused of sexual involvement with a minor, a crime exacerbated by a previous similar charge and an incriminating text message confession from the client. Despite these challenges, Mr. Roberts was able to exclude the text message evidence after a hearing, which led to a negotiated deal between the client and the State. Instead of facing potential B1 felony charges with a minimum 12-year sentence each and possibly a 40-year combined sentence, the client accepted a reduced 16-month jail term. This deal, secured by a proficient sexual offense attorney like Attorney Patrick Roberts, also offers the possibility of removal from the sex offender registry following a 10-year registration period.


Reduced Charge

The client was sentenced to 16-29 months in prison for the lesser charge of indecent Liberties with a Minor. After 10 years of actively registering as a sex offender in NC, the client will have the opportunity to request removal from the sex offender registry.

What Clients Say About Attorney Patrick Roberts As AStatutory RapeLawyer:

Attentive and highly skilled


August 31, 2016

“I hired Patrick and his firm to represent me in a very sensitive and frightening case. I was able to come in for a meeting immediately and had one of the most honest conversations of my life. He was honest, direct, and kind. There was no hint of judgement from a single person on their staff They fought for my rights in a way I've never seen. I still joke with some close friends about the prowess that man has in a court room. Not only did he fight for me, he also pointed me in the direction of people who could actually help me. His confidence, knowledge, and support led to my charges being dismissed. I will forever keep their business cards on hand, and plan to use them for any legal matters, within their purview, going forward. If you've never done this before, feel hopeless, and don't know what the next step is... This is not an area of life where price shopping gives you a better deal. No matter the outcome, you can rest assured your case was handled in the best of ways with Patrick Roberts and the many powerful people he works with.”

What Peers Say About Attorney Patrick Roberts As AStatutory RapeLawyer:

Peer Endorsement

April 13, 2013

“Patrick Roberts is a fierce advocate on behalf of his clients. He and lawyers at his firm are excellent criminal defense lawyers who work hard to aggressively defend their clients. Patrick Roberts also has an excellent command of many of the technical issues...  that are implicated in cases involving technology, forensic science and the like. I've watched him dissect hostile witnesses on the stand, and argue for excellent outcomes for his clients.”

Peer Endorsement

"I endorse this lawyer without reservation. Patrick is plain outstanding. The highest remark I can give a lawyer is that I would ask him to represent me were I charged with a crime..."

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